Unlock the gate to communication
Unlock the gate in English-Indonesian communication with CommuniGate. Featuring over 10 lessons and a playlist of videos to learn from, you're not far away from talking to even more strangers.


With everything so accessible within a couple of touches, you can start learning in no time.

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Lessons contains only contains as much information as you can digest, so you can start glancing and repeating yourself.

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Conversations provides common topics and exchanges, allowing you to start talking to yourself even faster.

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The playlist of informational videos provides a more in-depth explanation and explorations into the English language, all done in English, preparing you even further for English conversations.

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This was a rather short project, and it took about a week to finish everything. This project was also dedicated to a person I interviewed, trying to gain insight as to why conversations were hard to start in English. User knows English to a certain degree.